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Documentary & Portrait Photography

Maryland | DC | Virginia

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About Eric



A professional photographer since 2014.

I love photographing PEOPLE. Why?

When is the last time  a human being has surprised you compared to the way you expected them to be? For me it happens every single day. And I want to memorialize it in a frozen still image for life. Even if it is just ones and zeroes inside of a hard drive, the moment was not that way when it occurred in real life.

So if you're reading this, I hope you value the unexpected, rather than the curated/contrived/manipulated.

How much does it cost to book me? 

Weddings: $8,500 for up to 8hrs

Other: Typically $475/hr

Do I negotiate on pricing? Sure why not. If you have a compelling reason, then I just might have a compelling offer!



This section is always a moving target.

I was born in the mid-to-late eighties. To some that makes me an old fart, and to others it makes me a youngin' who has no right to complain about anything. Yay invalidation!

I have a bomb-ass family comprised of human and non-human creatures. The most important humans in my life are: my spouse and two offspring that said spouse just made from scratch. We also have furry creatures that occupy our home at any given moment.

I have always revered homemade chocolate chip cookies as the best dessert item of all time. I have struggled with anxiety and depression. I love music; making it, listening to it, talking about it. I have legitimately thought I was going to capsize and die in a speedboat off the coast of Brazil. I react the same way whether a hornet or a butterfly is around me. I hate having a sore throat. I am a college drop-out. I played baseball for 12 years of my life. I was verbally abused and hit as a child. I do not like guns. I used to be able to expertly wrap a textbook with a paper bag, but have never beautifully wrapped any gift. I feel like I'm always hot. I like sci-fi and rom-coms. I drive the posted speed limit more than I speed. A Fairfax County Police Office pointed a gun at my head for putting my hands in my pockets when I was 16. I still love punk rock as much today as I did when I was a teenager. A bowl of cereal, or fast food in the car is a comfort food for me. I see a therapist every two weeks.

Do you think I am a curmudgeon? What are your thoughts on photography and photos?

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