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About Eric



I like what I do. And I'm good at it. If you would like to evaluate for yourself (and I recommend you do), click those blog links above. In my opinion, in the last 15 years, photography has changed. Photos used to be personal. They used to be rare. Now they seem to be virtually the exact opposite. Digital storage allows us to have tens of thousands of photos within arms reach at any given time. And social media means, we not only cherish photos personally, but we also instantly share photos with friends and family (and even complete strangers), often in the service of social  and personal validation, and promotion of our own personal brands. 

But it is not my goal for how I want to offer my service to my clients. I am glad that my work can be used to share those memories on social media and with those who were not able to be there in person. However, I prefer that my work stand the test of time, fads, trends, and even my own life. I want my work to serve as a comforting reminder that exact moment in time. There is a trope in the photography world, and I have yet to find a better way of saying it. 

I want my work to be yours forever, and not only help you to remember how your world and your life looked, but also to make you remember how it all FELT.

So in short, if you read all that, and you feel moved or sympathetic with any or all of it. Reach out! Contact form at the bottom of the page.



This section is always a moving target.

Basically I'm a real human who has lived on this earth since 1986. I have experienced highs and lows, heartbreak, true joy, stress, confusion, depression, you know, normal stuff. I married my partner in 2014 and we have added a canine and 2 humans to the mix. I wouldn't argue with being called a luddite/tech hater. I use and love a lot technology, but I definitely do not like the way corporations use technology as means for profit, rather than just a fun gadget that makes the world better.

Here is a list of my hobbies and likes:

  • Drums, Guitar, and Bass (I can't sing or play piano - I think those who can are amazing humans)

  • Relaxing 

  • Talking to my therapist

  • Hanging with my family

  • All kinds of fun/weird things: candle making, whittling, video games

  • Decluttering or "Tidying Up" / Swedish Death Cleaning

  • Chocolate chip cookies. Like I love them. It's the only food I won't share. With anyone.

If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask!


Papa E

Do you think I am a curmudgeon? What are your thoughts on photography and photos?

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