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Documentary Photography

Maryland | DC | Virginia

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About Eric



I sincerely love photographing people. I have a hard time complimenting myself, but the truth is... I'm damn good at it. Nothing intimidates me or phases me anymore. Dark scenes or ultra bright scenes, difficult subjects, kids, people who don't like the way they look, etc. None of that is a problem for me anymore!

I don't personally require contracts, but if you'd like one, I'm more than happy to create them (and invoices) if necessary!

To quote a smart person "my warm blanket" for photography is candid/ documentary/ photojournalism. Meaning I like to be embedded in the scene and get images that I can't anticipate but will later help you to remember how it FELT when that photo was taken.

I'm a little kooky, but I'm personable, relatable, level-headed, calm, fun, and caring! I try to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions (personal or professional -- JUST ASK)



This section is always a moving target.

Basically I'm a real human who has lived on this earth since 1986. I have experienced highs and lows, heartbreak, true joy, stress, confusion, depression, you know, normal stuff. I married my partner in 2014 and we have added a canine and 2 humans to the mix.

Here is a list of my hobbies and likes:

  • Drumming

  • Relaxing 

  • Talking to my therapist

  • Being Kind and vulnerable

  • Light woodworking 

  • Decluttering and "Tidying Up"

  • Chocolate chip cookies. Like I love them. It's the only food I won't share. With anyone.

If there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask!


Papa E

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