Should You Pick Me?

Let's Find Out!

Below you'll find a few sets of photos. If you find you love the photos with a pink border, then you and I have similar tastes, and you should reach out.

Venue Photos


Food Photos


Cake Photos

Cake 2-1001.jpg
Cake 1-1001.jpg
You SHOULD pick me if...
  • You would prefer to trust me to do what I do
  • You care more about how your photos FEEL and not how you look
  • You like documentary/candid photography, rather than posed/directed
  • You want prints so you can physically cherish them forever

You should NOT pick me if...
(to clarify, there is nothing wrong if you have any of the below preferences. they just aren't my cup of tea)
  • You think you look bad photos
  • You like vertical photos
  • You want a photographer to exactly duplicate another photo or entire shoot
  • You prefer to ONLY look at your photos on your phone/computer