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A Heart-Warming Micro-Wedding in the Backyard of Your Childhood Home!

I was very lucky to be hired to photograph this wedding. An exciting gig as it was only a few minutes away from my home (any time I don't have to drive to Virginia, DC, or Baltimore is a treat for me), but the happiness and love was pervasive the minute I walked in the house. The couple's immediate family members and their significant others were there just joking, having fun, and playing around while paying careful attention to make little details really shine. And I liked the attention to details in THIS wedding because it was not for any lame reason (like being featured in the wedding magazine of a VERY famous white-collar criminal, with initials MS), they were done to make the couple feel truly special and for everyone to feel like this day was extra special. Which of course it was.

S & A wrote each other letters and read them privately to each other, they didn't even want ME there, and I respected that! One of my favorite images is them reading their letters with the pool as the frame for the scene. The ceremony was beautiful, officiated by one of the bride's mothers, and the food and atmosphere was incredible!

So much hugging in this one. Also my other favorite was the groom being added to the family officially by having his height added to the door jamb!

This was only an hour or so, so there aren't many photos to look at, but check it out anyway!


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