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A Very Fun Church Wedding AND Reception | Manassas, VA

The bride, H, actually remembered me from photographing someone else's wedding. I have to say, while I don't NEED my ego to be stroked, it is really nice to have someone make note of your work and have them KNOW they want to hire you when it's their turn. It's just nice!

If you are planning on having your wedding in a location that is not known for its gorgeous facade or interior, but it is had sentimental meaning to you, or it is simply less expensive, DO NOT WORRY. As long as you bring happiness and fun, everyone will love it, and think of it as a wonderful experience.

H & S were great. Nerds, good christians (which isn't important to me, but it is nice when they are not the kind that will key your car for having a Darwin fish decal), and most importantly super duper in love. It was really a joy to be with them and see how crazy they were for each other, and have their friends and family all support it and see everyone be happy in one place at the same time!

Take a look through, there aren't as many photos from this post because it wasn't a full 8 hour wedding day. But the time I was there was a blast!


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