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Adorable Family Christmas Card Session | In-Home in Gaithersburg, MD

So you want to take professional photos so you have a christmas card to send out? I got you covered. It's totally something I do, and I love doing it. I used to tell myself I didn't (I guess because it doesn't pay as much as a wedding? But it's also WAAAYYYYY less effort/work), but I just love being around a happy family. It's the closest you can be to unconditional love (aside from pets) and it's the best. This particular shoot is even more special for me because it is my neighbor who I bonded with through proximity and even at work at weddings (she is the BEST wedding planner/organizer out there). They are the best family to have as friends, the siblings all hold hands, the parents are kind and loving.

Anyway take a a look at some from the day (you'll note my faves are everything but the "everyone look at me" pics.



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