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Brunch Wedding Hosted by Two Ballroom Dancers at Overhills Mansion in Catonsville, MD

I'm writing this post almost exactly 5 years after I photographed this wedding. It's interesting looking back and seeing there are still some photos I truly love and appreciate. They are not even the same photos that I was most proud of back in 2017. The "artistic" and directed photos are pretty (I guess), but going back through and spotting the little moments that make it unique is just the best. Everyone expects to see smiles, giggles, and general happiness at weddings, but finding other moments of concentration, bashfulness, anticipation, surprise, and vulnerability are what I find to be the best of the best!

This wedding was my first ever double-wedding weekend. Those types of weekends are typically a little stressful, but this wedding was a brunch wedding after I left the wedding the night before at 11pm. I was stressed about waking up in time and having energy, but I did it! More importantly, my unpaid intern (aka - my wife, Alisa) was more upset about having to wake up at 7am to photograph a wedding.

If you are thinking of having a brunch wedding it's worth noting that GETTING HOME BEFORE SUNSET is so amazing, for vendors a guests alike.

I think back to the bride being type A and extremely organized. I was intimidated when I was hired to photograph this event, but now looking back it was a piece of cake (that got stuck to the knife). This was the MOST organized wedding I have ever been to, and it ran flawlessly down to the minute.

I was famished when it came time for brunch, and the caterer had freaking waffles so I hopped in line. When I picked up the tongs to get some waffles my hand was literally slapped my hand and said "the help eats last" and I was floored. I was really angry incapable of handling aggressive people back then so I walked away and stewed for a long time. I don't think this venue is bad, but that catering manager was a dick!

Take a spin through and see some of my favorites that remain to this day!



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