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Changing Your Wedding Date is A-OK!

No matter the reason, It's always okay to change your wedding date. You might lose a few deposits, inconvenience some people, but if the ultimate benefit is your own happiness, it's ALWAYS worth it! I have had clients reschedule with me many times some reasons include: maybe just not ready and waiting a little longer to get married, COVID, family disagreements, terminal family member, maybe a pregnancy, military deployment, maybe just so excited they just want it done as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, those rescheduled weddings have a higher rate or happy clients. You get to do it exactly how you want and you can be truly happy on the day!

This wedding was rescheduled. I was happy to help. One of the most touching weddings of 2021 for me <3 You might see one or two slightly directed, but 99% true candid, and my favorite kind! You will always remember how it felt on this day. All the ups and downs. But sharing this feeling with your children decades later will help them understand the emotions!


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