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Food Truck Wedding Catering: What Works and What Doesn't Work | Glenview Mansion, Rockville, MD

This was the last wedding I photographed on my own in October 2016. It was a lot of fun. Kind of my first "BIG" wedding at a fancy venue. The day started off great, and only went up! M got her hair and makeup done at the MUA's house then came back to her own apartment for a little (note the veil is on and the bride is chillin' in jeans). Then the groom made me the most insane and delicious iced coffee I have ever had (almost 6 years later). All kinds of gizmos and contraptions, sweeteners, cold-infusing, etc. The bomb!

My wife Alisa came with me on this one for a little bit. She really hated being forced to be a free-laborer back in those early days. But she definitely liked eating all the good food weddings had to offer!

Now for possibly the reason you came to this post (I hope it's not to judge my work -- which is old as fuck, in THIS post).

Food truck catering for a wedding.


  • WAYYYYYYY less expensive than a shitty hockey-puck filet mignon and whipped mashed potatoes. I know $15-$20 per person sounds like a lot for a work lunch. But for wedding catering that's a flat-out steal!

  • Convenient service for when your guests want to eat

  • Possibility of a few different food options

  • Unique experience that your guests will remember for a long time

  • Venues like it because they don't need to surrender their kitchens to off-site caterers


  • Bottlenecks

  • Running out of food

You can easily address these cons by making sure you coordinate a pre fixe menu with the trucks. if they offer their entire menu to order, you're looking at possible 30+ minutes for your guests to receive their food (like Dangerously Delicious did at this wedding). But if you have only a few dishes available then guests can walk up and just grab one already made, and still hot (like the Thai truck did at this wedding).

And I didn't get a Dangerously Delicious Baltimore Bomb because they brought a variety of dessert pies, not anticipating their signature BERGER COOKIE pie being the top-requested dessert.

So that's it really. Just have fun. Make your wedding yours, and make sure your food trucks know what they are doing when it comes to catering! My guess is most food trucks know a lot better now (2022) than they did back in 2016.



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