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Fun Wedding at Fairfax Old Town Hall

Back in 2017 this couple to a gamble with me as I very little work (especially work I was really proud of), but I'm glad they did, because I had so much fun on this day and I learned a lot. One thing I learned which was fine for one day, but not necessary in the future: For getting ready photos: a photographer only needs to show up for the last 45-60 minutes of that process. Being there for a few hours is just too many photos of the same stuff over and over. Luckily on this day, I was very comfortable and had fun just hanging out laughing while the girls got ready.

There are some really cool library vibes, and I cool vintage-y 60sish kind of vibe from the old town hall. The bride put so much thought and effort into the decorations, and made each individual guest feel like they were the only one invited. It was really special to be around such a truly happy person. Congrats to these adorable people!



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