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Get Married Whenever and However You Want To. This one is a Church Wedding With an In-Home Reception

If you're looking through these photos (or photos around this time) and you're thinking to yourself "this guy sucks. These photos are not even close to remarkable". You would be right! This from October 2016. But I've decided to post every single job I do on my blog/portfolio for everyone to see the evolution and just to see all kinds of different events/moments from my career. There is at least ONE photo from every gig I have done that I still love.

With D & M, this wedding was another after having been together for years (and their own children) they decided to get married. The nice thing about not photographing 20 somethings with no children, is I get to see timelines that are not "conventional" but still play out perfectly.

Take a look and see some of my favorites fro the day.


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