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Having a Wedding and Reception Bash at YOUR OWN HOME is the Way to Go! Here's Why.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

There's something magical about having a wedding at your own home. It's intimate, cozy, and filled with family, friends, and love. Here are some reasons why having a wedding at home is the best decision you'll ever make:


Getting married at home means you get to say your vows in your own space, surrounded by meaningful possessions and memories that you've created there. You'll feel more relaxed and comfortable than you would in a venue that you're not familiar with. The intimacy of home makes it easier to be yourself and express your emotions honestly.


One of the great things about having a wedding at home is that you're in charge of the party. You can decorate your own space as extravagantly or as simply as you like. You can serve food and drinks that you love. And you can dance the night away under the stars in the comfort of your own backyard.

Lots of places to sit

At a traditional wedding venue, seating can be limited or formal. But when you're in your own home, there's no limit to the number of chairs or couches you can have. You can create cozy corners and conversation areas throughout your space to encourage guests to mingle and enjoy each other's company.

Fun in the backyard

Your backyard can become an oasis of relaxation and fun for your wedding guests. You can set up lawn games, a photo booth, or even a bonfire for guests to enjoy. With the right lighting and ambiance, your backyard can be transformed into a beautiful and memorable wedding destination.

Nerdy people

If you're a fan of all things nerdy, then a home wedding might be perfect for you. You can incorporate any fandoms or geeky elements that you love into your decor, menu, or activities. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, your wedding can reflect your personality and interests in a way that a traditional venue may not allow.

In conclusion, a home wedding is a wonderful option for those who want a personalized and intimate experience. You can create a beautiful and unique celebration that reflects your love story and your personal style. Whether you're a nerdy couple or just want to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your guests, a home wedding is definitely worth considering.

Here are some photos to prove my point! Peace!

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