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Intensely Emotional and Intensely Fun Wedding at Hyatt Bethesda, MD

Back in 2017 I photographed this wedding at the Hyatt Bethesda. It was amazing for a number of reasons. The best (for me) though was that one of my friends from back in my hotel management days was the manager in charge of the wedding. With this girl in charge, I know everything will run smoothly and no one will be treated badly (it's something of major concern for us vendors). But for the day, and the couple as a whole, it was an emotional day from start to finish, and emotional in the BEST way. So much pure joy radiating from the bride, groom, family members, friends, coworkers, everyone! This wedding sticks with me because the bride memorized her part of the ceremony in Creole because the groom was Haitian and it blew everyone away. Just a stellar touch. Never seen it before or since then!

Take a spin through and enjoy some of my favorites (the party from this day was the best!)



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