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It feels good to photograph Hindu Weddings Again! Temple of Metropolitan Washington - Adelphi, MD

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

These two like to play it fast, but definitely not loose. You can tell being around V & J that they are a perfect match and love each other heart and soul. When you know, you know. While I have photographed a number of Hindu weddings, this was only my second one held within the temple itself. It's something special and different. It's not like a church or synagogue. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, embraced for who they are and loved and cherished. I felt like a rockstar. Everyone was excited to have their photo taken, and then quickly shuffle out of my way so that I could have the primo spot for capturing whatever was going on. To say it's the best, doesn't quite do it justice. If you ever have the opportunity, or are curious. I recommend checking it out!

This wedding was a bit more brief than most, but I dug it. The baraat was not rushed by any stretched. Tons of people having fun. Dancing. Smiling. Hugging. Just so much joy and happiness. The ceremony was very similar to many others I have been to. But there were some lovely little touches (like V's mother making sure she didn't drip, and her sister bawling <3) as well as some of the classics, like the jokes during the couple's vows as read by the priest, and the ring in the vermillion powder (me personal favorite).

So take a look and leaf through some of my favorite images from the day. I think you'll love them as much as I do :)


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