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No First Look Winter Wedding at Potomac Point Winery

I love it when weddings are fun, intimate, and sincere. J & J first reached out to me how all wedding photographers dream of for leads. They emailed me, said "we love your work. we love your personality. we want you!" So I chatted with them then we booked for December 2020... Then a global pandemic hit it lingered through their original wedding date. So we rescheduled.

But because they are so cool and smart. They STILL got married at Justice of the Peace in New York City in 2020. They got hitched and lived a year in NYC with their little puppy and then come December 2021, we were able to have a small but intimate and fun wedding at Potomac Point Winery.

My favorite part of this wedding was something I have never seen before or since: they did not do an arranged first look, or wait until the ceremony to see each other. We were outside taking photos with the bridesmaids and bride and the groom just walked out with their dog, and thus the day began with these two as a couple. I loved it. You don't need pomp for every aspect of a wedding, and these two really drove that home!

In the beginning of the day, one of my favorite parts was J's Nala socks, the chaos of the buffet room/changing room, and of course... applying deodorant (first image).

Images from the ceremony that resonated with me: grandparents cuddling when no one is looking, comparing notes with the officiant (Jeff Maisel), crying (always), and their feet after smashing some wine grapes!

During the reception it came to light that the DJ and one of J's groomsmen were friends in college, and the moment of realization, hugs and smiles that followed was great. And then the DJ dropped some awesome latin beats while lacing in Springsteen, and Waka Flocka Flame... An impressive mix for sure. Here are some pics from the reception and end of the night!

Congrats to these two so hard. They are amazing people, good friends, kind hearts, and most importantly fucking ga-ga for each other <3

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