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Sure The Wedding May Have Been Delayed Because of COVID-19 But Who Cares? Westin Georgetown, DC

This wedding was originally booked for May 4th (with a Star Wars "May the Fourth be With You" theme. But it got delayed because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Exactly 0 complained about "September the Fourth be With You", and it was still an awesome day!

One thing for me, in 2021 I had 1 yr old, so I was still very much "mask all the time" kind of photographer (and still am into March 2022 when I'm writing this). Sorry if that makes you sad and bummed that you're reminded of COVID during your wedding (THIS COUPLE WAS NOT LIKE THAT), but I couldn't care less if it means protecting my baby and family!

This wedding was nice because they planned a nice long shoot with just the couple S & R in Meridian Hill Park in DC and then a ceremony and reception in DC at the Westin. A beautiful place, great food, and nice party space!

Special mention time. This is another wedding planning I absolutely love: Tani with Total Care Events - Tani is also the owner of TC Beauty Care

I like her as a wedding planner because she is very organized, doesn't procrastinate, and is very active with communication and information. No vendor or couple is left in the dark for anything. Also the makeup side is nice because they NEVER are running late or behind (at the weddings I've been to with them) and that makes everyone way less stressed!


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