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This Bride and Groom are MADLY IN LOVE With Each Other | Riggs Center at University of Maryland

I don't particular like taking photos where I tell the couple "NOW KISS!" I'm not that big of a PDA person myself (at least now in my old age lol). But when wedding couples are so taken with each other and the moment that have to make out, then I'm down with it! And A & K were definitely the latter! They were so cute and in love. So much kissing and it warmed your heart every time!

The University of Maryland (and Maryland in general) are NUTS about the state flag (maybe Virginia - where I'm from - isn't as wild about theirs because there is latin and an exposed breast? Or because the latin is what John Wilkes Booth shouted before assassinating Lincoln. Whatever the reason - Marylanders. Love. Their. Flag!). So you'll see that a few times.

A little known statistic, on the University of Maryland campus, you are never more than 4 feet from the flag.

Anyway, enjoy these pics - remember that it's 2017 here, and I was still newer to the business!


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