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Two Cool Nerds Choose Me to Photograph Their Beautiful Wedding | Bristow Manor, Bristow, VA

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

D + M are just cool as hell. Talking to them was like talking to a friend. We initially talked about their cats (including one that passed a few days later <3), music, musical theater, placating parents, you name it. My wife gave birth to our second kiddo just a few weeks before this wedding. I got a text one sleep-deprived evening asking "Hey we're still on my for our wedding right?" which I had to laugh. That was a smart decision to check on.

I was able to get help and rolled out the door excited to finally meet these two and their theater-kid friends. If you've ever been friends with theater kids, or been lucky to enough to be in a relationship with one (I married one), you know how fun they can be. Even if they are introverts, they have this special energy when it comes to the art that makes their soul light up.

What I liked about Bristow Manor was Caitlin (sorry if I spelled it wrong) the coordinator on site. I never can tell how they are going to be through email. This one was quick and friendly in email so I had slightly elevated expectations from stone-cold jerk (I'm looking at you Stone Manor Country Club). Also she and I shared a bond of having sweet little newborn babies (obviously mine was only a few weeks old, and hers a few months older. Moms just tend to be so sweet. They have compassion and care because they have to practice and hone it for years and years. And it starts making you a better person on day one!

Anyway. Here are some photos from that day. Peace and Love!


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