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Two Super Smart Nerds Got Married, and I Photographed it! St. Marks Church, Washington, DC

A & A were kind of the first couple whose wedding I photographed who I felt like I meshed with on a personal level. From start to finish they were just easy to deal with, I LOVED a lot of their ideas (outer space themed decor), and I just genuinely enjoyed being around them. Furthermore, they were (forgive my stupid choice of words here, but I find it suits them) cutely-in-love. Like still head over heels for each other years after starting dating. It was really nice to be around that too.

Remember this is 2017, I'm still brand new to the industry at this point. I was nervous. But we did an engagement session that was reaffirming for all of us I think, and then lots of communication leading up to the wedding day.

On the day of the wedding it was pretty hot. They got ready in two different locations (Phoenix Park Hotel and their home just a few minutes away). I actually photographed getting ready in BOTH locations. I learned 2 important tips for wedding photographers by this point: do NOT let other people drive you around unless you will end up back where your car is parked - or you'll have a hard time figuring out how to get back to your car; and if you work it out, getting ready can be photographed in two different geographic locations.

The wedding was really pretty. The church was beautiful and after the ceremony everyone present helped to flip the room for dinner and dancing. It was really a site to behold, seeing all friends and family pitching in and what can be done with some elbow grease and a good attitude!

Anyway, these two were cool. I loved it. I still think about this wedding a lot. Enjoy!


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