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Weatherlea Farm is a Really Cool Place to Have a Wedding!

In June 2017, it was hot. So hot the flowers had to be placed on the air conditioning vents to prevent them from wilting. But it was worth it, and this day was gorgeous. H & R were the... 3rd couple I ever booked for photography (not the 3rd I photographed, but 3rd to sign a contract) and it felt really great to get a gig at such a cool spot.

I was really nervous going into this day. I was thinking I needed to get all the inanimate object details, and I did. But looking back now, I BREEZE past those photos so hard. I remember specifically that the watch that the bride wore was extremely special to her... and I just took a boring photo of it on a window sill. Looking back now I would have made sure to photograph it ON HER rather than lying around! Also the flower girl was her niece (I'm pretty sure) and that little girl was GLUED to the bride all day. I guess she figured out how to get whatever you want - be with the bride!

Things that are really cool about Weatherlea Farm (at least as far as I remember from 2017):

  • Alpacas at the cocktail hour

  • Tons of beautiful scenery

  • Awesome/cute little houses to get ready in

  • Nice Barn


  • Cool old time-y tractors and stuff!


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