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What can go wrong at a Wedding? And if it does... Don't worry! You can still have loads of fun!

What went wrong at this wedding, I'm sure you're dying to know. It's pretty simple, just the time that was blocked for getting ready before the ceremony just ran long. The ceremony started over an hour later than the invitation said.

But guess what happened? No one cared. They thought there might be something amiss and the guests just waited patiently and conversed in the crowd until the ceremony finally started. Nobody cared and after that it was so fun. The food was amazing, the drinks flowed, all was good in the world!

Worrying doesn't change anything, except for change your happiness level. You have every right to act and behave the way you want to.

Here is a list of real unanticipated events at a wedding that I have seen with my own eyes:


  • running late/ very late/ really mf-ing late

  • Uninvited guests show up

  • Exes show up

  • Someone gets wayyyy too drunk

  • Police arrest someone AT the wedding

  • The wedding doesn't happen (pre-nup never signed)

  • Bride on her period

  • Someone wears a white ("that looks like a wedding dress") dress

  • The cake never showed up

  • The DJ was late (happened at MY wedding)

  • Dress/pants split open

  • Farts

  • Shuttle was hours late

  • So many things.

Just try to remember you can't go back in time and undo what has happened. You should take a minute to grieve and be pissed that OF COURSE something like this would happen to you. But you have the power to say "fuck it. let's party and have fun!" and the crowd will follow.

If that's not you, there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone at a wedding (guests and vendors) want you to be happy and will do their best to help. We love you!

Anyway, here are some pics from a wedding that started late (and you can't even tell from the pics!)


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