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College Friends and their adorable children gather for a lark in Rockville, MD!

Who doesn't have a life-long friend from college? I didn't even graduate and I have one (what's up Joe!) -- These 4 humans met at college and they have stayed close since then, and I think that is stellar! They all have a bunch of cute kids, and they all meet up and play and hang out a few times a year. It's so touching to see these deep connections that transcend time and space! I dig that a lot. I hardly knew these people at all, but by the end of the hour, I felt like I knew them a lot better. I could understand and appreciate their parenting styles, the way they handle themselves in familiar (and unfamiliar) social interactions. And my final summation: these are good, kind, fun people! An inspiration I must say!

Check it out -- here are a few photos from the brief time together!


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