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COVID & Cicadas: Micro Wedding With Just Parents and a Photographer | Rockville, MD

I have been in the wedding photography business for 8 years now. I know how much detail, attention, and even stress can go into wedding planning. Then something just truly unforeseen like the coronavirus throws a wrench in EVERYONE'S plans. I remember getting around 100 inquiries for October 10, 2020 wedding photography coverage (I think because the anniversary would be 10/10/2020 and it's just a nice number to look at). And I think 90% or more of those had to postpone. While postponing a wedding is a bummer, it's NOT the only option!

You can do like these two did. Buy a new home. Invite your parents over. Have your friends send over cardboard cutouts of themselves... and Boom! Wedding! I was only there for a little over an hour. But I got the feel for the couple, their parents, and I felt the love and happiness. It was really nice. The cardboard cutouts of the friends really tickled me. Sure it's a bit of money, but way less than a plane ticket, and the hilarity that was derived from it was definitely worth it.

Also, like these two, you can involve your dog if you have an at-home wedding. That little spunky puppy was a handful, but he was adorable, and you knew they loved him. All in all it was a great day, and it was safe and hella fun!

Oh and enjoy the one photo of the cicadas. It was during THAT time!



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