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Outdoor English Garden Inspired Courtyard Wedding at Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore, Maryland

I have a confession if ANYONE reads this. There are a few posts in my blogs that were written by AI. I wanted to take the easy way out so I could have more time do other important things, like practice my drums, walk my dog, etc. But the truth is I have plenty to offer, and my thoughts and feelings from a wedding are almost as important to me as the images themselves. So here we go!

Every wedding I photograph has bits and pieces that, but for this one, I think the best way to share the story is to just lay it out in a straight timeline.

One day while out walking my dog and taking my kid for a stroll, the Groom, Ron, went mad old school and caught me wildly off guard by just outright calling me on my cell phone. We talked briefly and set up a time to do phone call with the bride later on. But I liked Ron's very calm, friendly, and warm tone and vibe. He is the true definition of "still waters run deep", you'll see that there isn't much more than a smirk from this guy, but his emotions and love are palpable in real life. He feels like you're getting a big hug just by standing around him. I get why Cass married him in other words!

So the phone call went great and then a little while later I show up to Gramercy Mansion, and this was the day that I learned they have two different available locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions, and never the twain shall meet. Really a good move on their part. I never got that "wedding factory" vibe like I have at other venues (The Addison in West Palm Beach). So I roll up and I see a sign for two people getting married and I double-take on the names... I'm not always the best as remembering names of clients some times (SORRY!) but I just felt off about these names. So I check with the front desk and that's when I found out. This wedding was literally completely different from any other wedding I photographed at this location.

Now a quick bit about the bride's family. If you have never had the privilege of meeting, or being related to, an Australian, it is quite the treat. Aussie's almost always seem to be ebullient and filled with friendly energy matched with the perfect amount of raunchy humor. The bride and her family are Australian and I was welcomed into the family immediately. Cass was getting her final touches done with her makeup, her brothers and father were helping set up the reception and ceremony while also watching (and learning) about the Ravens and cheering them on in support of the groom.

Then the events started. First look was great with a really sweet gift-giving. The ceremony was freaking beautiful. The lush micro-clover carpeted english garden is the best thing this place has to offer. The tears started flowing and then I caught the weepies. It was something special.

At the reception I just got to know pretty much everyone there and I chatted with one guy who I later discovered is the drummer for the band that Ron the groom is LEAD SINGER FOR?! So yeah I'm definitely up on them and want to see them perform sometime.

At the end of the night, I shared a sweaty, emotional hug with Cass and Ron and then drove home. And now wayyyyy to long afterward here we are -- so look through these images and enjoy. I know I do :)


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