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DIY Wedding. Homemade Decor, Food, and Cake

A lot people think throwing a wedding yourself is the way to go. And it certainly can be (see below for proof), but you need a lot of helpful friends, a decently sized kitchen, and an eye for crafts. B & D had their wedding at a parents house, and family chefs were in the kitchen cooking up amazing food and a gorgeous cake. The memorial decorations wrapped around the trees especially resonated with me to this day. Also their ceremony used two real closet doors from a childhood home (I think).

This day was a real tear-jerker, but it was also adorable with the kids all present having fun (get a moon bounce if you have lots of kids at a wedding). You'll see a particular photo that has a story behind it. Their daughter had an uncanny eye for spotting four leaf clovers, and she found two on their wedding day, and it's still one of my favorite moments for a wedding ever.

Check it out. Here are some of my faves from that day summer day back in 2016.

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