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You Can Book Vendors Without Talking to Them If You Love What They Do | Chantilly National Golf Club

This couple was just the best. The thing that humbled me and made me the happiest was that they booked me without talking to me at all. M sent me an email saying "love your work, we want to book you if you're available". I was and I said "are you sure you don't want to chat with me first?". Even I was shocked they wanted to book sight unseen. But she absolutely did want to book that way and off to the races we went! We did an engagement session at the nation harbor and then of course the wedding day.

My other favorite part about this wedding was that M's hair was short! Her hair was so freaking beautiful, I equated it to a greek a goddess, like Aphrodite or something. Another rare vendor shoutout is coming up now. Her hair stylist is one of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever known (and she does amazing work with hair and products): Kinetra, The Vintage Hipster -- she is the bomb. Someone you wouldn't mind spending the morning with on your wedding day! And she's done on time!

Of course the couple, the kids, and their families and friends are beautiful and adorable as well. Check it! Also you can see, even though this is 2017 -- I'm actually starting to get good!


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