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Alright. Let's address the 10,000 gorilla in the room. How much does it cost to hire me?

(It isn't likely I'll do it for free)

Here we go:

1. How much does Eric cost? 

For weddings, I start at $5,500 for up to 8 hrs of photography.


Do I negotiate?

SURE! How much? All much! I'm willing to go all the way down to $1k. However, the only way to get a discount is to talk to me. Share with me your story. It's not charity when I lower my price, and it isn't arbitrary. But the things that affect my pricing are not as cut and dry as you might think. 

Things that impact discounts: kindess, trust, how far out is the wedding?, coolness, inflating my ego (not really), how I'm feeling that day, the list goes on. Have a talk and we'll see (we can start the conversation with money, or end it, or both, ot not al all!). 

Other gigs (family, individual portraits [headshots], corporate, association, etc.) vary in price!

2. Is it worth it to hire Eric?

I have no clue! I would you think so. My main focus is to photograph small moments (like less than one second) where you, your loved ones, your family, all forget about the camera, and the stress, and the pressure, and show your human side. Those photos are what you'll want to remember the most. I also like to do artistic things from time to time (if I have the time). And I photograph portraits too.

I hope that makes sense and is cool with you. If you have questions, just fill out the form below, or just email me!

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Talk to you soon!

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