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This is the trickiest part of my job, and my least favorite. I assure you my goal is not to determine how much money I think you have to take you for every possible dime I think you're willing to spend.

In fact, my goal is to take as little as possible while still making myself whole and achieving the financial goals I have for myself and my family. I HATE the phrase "leaving money on the table". It's a phrase my wedding photography and business colleagues use a lot to mean leaving more money in the pockets of your customers instead of taking them for everything they have.

So what does all that mean for you? How much is it to hire Eric? Do you negotiate? Is it worth it? Are there any perks to hiring Eric? What are some pitfalls to look out for when evaluating OTHER photographers? What about prints? etc.

Here we go:

1. How much does Eric cost? 

For weddings, I start at $8,500 for 6 hrs of photography.


Do I negotiate? Sure. I'm always down to chat. It may not always work out, but let's talk!

Other gigs (family, corporate, association, etc.) vary in price!

2. Is it worth it to hire Eric?

Boy I sure hope so! I put so much thought and effort into my work. My work is only half done when I leave a gig. The other half of my job is editing the photos to capture the feeling and essence of the day as well. So editing can take a while. I like to say 4-6 weeks. But with two little ones running around my work time is significantly less than before. But I still work hard and quickly to get you your images. In the event I break both my hands and can't live up to 4-6 weeks you'll be notified and assured your photos are safe! My biggest worry is a client not thinking I was worth the cost. Just know I love you all and you are worth it to me!

3. What benefit is there to hiring Eric over other photographers, when it comes to pricing?

Pay attention to this one EVEN IF YOU DON'T HIRE ME!

First and foremost, if you don't know already, the best quality photo printing companies ONLY work through contracts with photographers. That means as a normal consumer you don't have access to the good-good. But I do. So if you hire me, I allow you to purchase ultra high quality prints at MY COST. I don't do anything to print them, and you already paid me, so why should charge you more?

Secondly, I will NEVER charge for your access to your online gallery. Sadly this is not the case with a growing number of photographers. I have unlimited storage, so charging you a monthly fee to access your gallery is just plain robbery.

I hope that makes sense and is cool with you. If you have questions, just fill out the form below, or just email me!

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