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Elegant and Timeless Wedding Turns Rager at the Mansion at Valley Country Club in Towson, MD

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I LOVE GEN Z WEDDINGS!!! These freaking cuties are so smart, so self-aware, so fun, and so kind. You're going to see the photos in just a second, so allow me to set the scene (both as a photographer on the day, and as a photographer in post-processing), and try give a bit of my story, and how I hope I was able to tell H & B's story!

A warm but humid Saturday I go into this couple's home and see the guys having a twisted tea or two, making D&D jokes and Led Zeppelin and LOTR. They were awesome dudes. Even in the light-hearted "hey we're the guys getting ready on a wedding day" there were a few brief moments of tenderness that resonated with me for eternity as far as I'm concerned.

Then I make my way to the hotel and hangout with H and the bridesmaids. How freaking cool are those tiger print pjs? These women were hilarious (praying at the altar of leek soup), kind (offering me all kinds of snacks and drinks), and so sweet (crying and smiling randomly and when H walked out in her dress), etc.

Then there's the rest of the party. I got a good vibe from before the ceremony talking to the bride's mom, grandma (who loved pointing out to everyone I had on mismatched socks. LOL!), and various other friends and family. They all had two things in common: they wanted to have a really fun evening AND they REALLY love this sweet couple that is tying the knot.

Also, shout out to The Mansion at Valley Country Club for the BEST and more adorable vendor meal ever. I had a placemat with teacups on it, a salad, rolls, the whole nine!

Lastly, when I got home I had already felt good about these images but I decided to really spend a lot of time (close to 30 hrs) editing and cropping to make these stories just slap you in the face with the intended emotion. I hope you love it as much as I do!

I'll let the rest of the context play out in your minds!



Hey if you didn't read any of the text leading to this. No worries. Here are the pics. DIVE IN!!!

Also (as always) teamwork makes the dream work. And I felt the love from everyone for this one!

DJ: Pasadena Sound (although they mentioned they might be hanging up their headphones soon!)

Dress (buckle up. it was recycled -- and GORGEOUS!): Hunt Valley Renewal

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